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You is a nice guy/girl. I don't really know that. For all I know, You is a doughnut from planet Zeno who has come here to suck all the coffee out of our ass cracks.

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I am a voice acting artist. Meaning, I draw with my voice. Or is it I talk with my artwork? No idea. Let's never discuss it again.

I intended to create content for Newgrounds back in early 2013. Then came the sudden realization that what I was producing was complete bullshit. So I cancelled everything single one of my projects. All 27 of them.

After watching some PurpleEyesWTF, I decided it was time I started voice acting. I got myself a Blue Snowball and a Japanese Pop filter and got straight to work. I'm currently only involved in one project called The Agency, which I assume will turn out just like my projects did seeing as how the project file is already on Newgrounds with nothing on it, which is exactly how my original projects turned out. I'm giving it a year to have it get off the ground. Oh yeah, and I'm for hire right now. Please hire me. I'm serious. I NEED MONEY TO FEED MY FAMILY OF ONE!

Before I start making any projects, concept art will be released for the general public to see and criticize so I can add more than blood stains and scary looks (My shit is creepy as fuck...... yo).

As for general animations, I will be releasing those sometime this Fall. I haven't currently started any and I don't plan to do so until I feel like it. Doesn't it feel great to be on unemployment?

If you want to see other content besides Flash animations and voice acting because everybody blams live action footage right away, my Youtube is G0atFuqTheIIIEsquire. <------------------------- That's a lie by the way.


Skype: Vent. (Look for a picture of my Kirito Deconstruction)

Steam: I don't want to be your friend, so fuck off. :3

Nasal Passage: OnMyFace.

AOL: Forgot it. :P

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